STM32F411 STM32F401CCU6 3.0 Development Board V3.0


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1. 25MHZ high speed crystal oscillator & 32.768Khz 6PF low speed crystal oscillator

2. Flash pads are reserved, providing USBDisk&&FATFFS routines

3. Jumper cap can be used directly without installation.BOOT0 internal 10K resistance pull-down

4. Factory has burned breathing lamp &&USBCDC test procedures.

5. Provide available MicroPython firmware, configuration files

6. Adjust the direction of the jumping cap if it cannot be installed.Because the jump cap is wide on one side and narrow on the other.

7. V1.3 board with 3 buttons: reset key, BOOT0 key and user button.

V1.3 serial download and DFU download: connect to PA9 and PA10 (connect to usb in DFU mode) by pressing BOOT0 key and reset key, and then release the reset key. After 0.5 seconds, release the BOOT0 key to enter serial download or DFU download. The corresponding software is flymcu or CubeProg.

Jump cap version download: BOOT0 connect to high, BOOT1 connect to high, enter the serial port to download or DFU download, the software is the same as above.


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