HX711 Dual-channel 24-bit mini HX711 Weighing Sensor Dual-Channel 24 Bit Precision A/D Module Pressure Sensor Microcontroller


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Module detection method:
1. Preliminary quick judgment: disconnect all modules of the module, only supply 5v to the module (that is, vcc is connected to +5v, gnd is grounded), then short the module’s ck port to ground, and then measure out+ ground voltage. 4.5v or so, then measure the DO/RX port to ground voltage, it should be about 0v, if the voltage is consistent, the module is 99% normal.
2. Complete test judgment: use the test circuit diagram provided by the shop to build a circuit, give the 89c51 single-chip computer to the hex test program provided by the store, then connect the computer with the serial cable, run the serial port assistant on the computer, you can receive the test circuit. The reading is reported and the reading is normal, indicating that the module is normal.

Module working voltage: 4.8-5.5v
Typical current 1.6mA
Volume: Length 2.9cm * Width 1.7cm * Height 0.4cm

The J1 jumper behind the module is the data output rate of the HX711 chip selected at 80hz/10hz. J1 open circuit, the output rate is 80hz, that is, the ad conversion is 80 times per second, J1 is shorted, and the output rate is 10hz.

Main features of the module:
● With metal shielding, strong anti-interference, reserved cpu (STC15F104) position, you can upgrade the secondary development.
● Two-way selectable differential input
● On-chip low noise programmable amplifier with selectable gains of 32, 64, and 128
● On-chip voltage regulator circuit can directly supply power to external sensors and on-chip A/D converters
● The on-chip clock oscillator does not require any external devices, and an external crystal or clock can be used if necessary.
● Power-on automatic reset circuit
● Simple digital control and serial communication: all controls are input by pins, and the in-chip registers do not need to be programmed.
● Choice of 10Hz or 80Hz output data rate
● Synchronously suppress power disturbances of 50Hz and 60Hz
● Power consumption (including regulated power supply circuit):
● Typical operating current: < 1.7mA, power-off current: < 1μA
● Operating voltage range: 2.6 ~ 5.5V
● Operating temperature range: -20 ~ +85 °C

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