HC-05 Master-Slave 6Pin/4Pin Anti-Reverse, Integrated Bluetooth Serial Pass-Through Module, Wireless Serial for Arduino


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Product features:

1, the led indicates a bluetooth connection status, twinkle said there was no bluetooth connectivity, Chang Liang said bluetooth is connected and turned on the port

2, backplane “3.3 V, the input voltage 3.6 ~ 6 V, current when the unpaired about 30 ma, matching after about 10 ma, no more than 7 V input voltage!

3, interface level 3.3 V, can be connected directly to all kinds of single chip microcomputer (51, AVR, PIC, ARM, MSP430, etc.), 5 V single chip can be connected directly, without MAX232 couldn’t through MAX232.

4, clearing the effective distance of 10 meters, more than 10 meters is possible, but not to this distance connection quality

After 5, pairing when full duplex serial port to use, do not need to know any bluetooth protocol, but supports only one in the eight data bits, stop bits and parity checking the communication format, which is the most commonly used communication format, does not support other formats.

6, when the bluetooth connection has not been established by pairing the AT command set baud rate, name, password, and set the parameters of the power save. After the bluetooth connection automatically switch to passthrough mode

7, small size (3.57 cm * 1.52 cm), SMT factory, ensure the quality of the patch. And set transparent heat shrinkable tube, dust and beautiful, and there are some antistatic ability.

8, this link for the machine, from the function and all kinds of computer with bluetooth, bluetooth host, with most of bluetooth mobile phone, PDA, PSP and other intelligent terminal pair, not matching between from the machine.

Small common sense (very important) :

TXD: sender, usually expressed as the sender, normal communication RXD must connect another equipment.

RXD: receiver, usually expressed as the receiver, the normal communication TXD must connect another equipment.

When normal communication itself TXD pick up equipment RXD forever!

From collect spontaneous: normal communication RXD TXD connect other devices, so if you want to receive your send data as the name implies, namely receive your sending data, namely own TXD directly connected to the RXD, used to test the send and receive is normal, is the easiest fastest test method, when there is a problem to do the test first to determine whether the product failure. Also known as the loop back test.

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